138 Cycad Avenue

138 Cycad Avenue

Walk out your door and go to Long Sands Beach!

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bathrooms
  • ✓ a/c
  • ✓ yard
  • ✓ w/d
  • ✓ wifi



Summer rental :$1,500/week
Fall/Spring Rental: $800/week
Damage deposit: $200
Cleaning fee: $75
Minimum weeks: 1

People: 8
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 1
Washer/Dryer: yes
A/C: yes
Fans: yes
Pets: no

Closest beach: both Short Sand and Long Sands
Waterfront/Waterview: no
Outdoor furniture: yes
Deck: yes
Beach wagon: no
Picnic table: yes
Outdoor grill: yes, gas

TV: yes
Cable: yes
Internet: yes

Off-street parking: 2 cars
Outside shower: yes

Kitchen: yes
Microwave: yes
Coffee maker: yes
Toaster: yes
Dishwasher: no
Disposal: no
Cookware/ Plates, utensils provided: yes
Lobster pot: no

Seasonal heat: yes
Fireplace: no
Woodstove: no

First: bedroom: king
Second bedroom: one double plus one single
Third bedroom: one double
Sofa beds/Futons: yes, full size
Cots: no
Linens provided: no, bring your own sheets, pillowcases and towels.
Comforters: no, bring your own

Baby chair: no
Pack-n-Play: no
Baby toys: no

Iron/Iron board: yes
Vacuum cleaner: yes
Radio: no
Smoking: no

What to Bring:

Personal items like linens, pillowcases, and towels. See bed sizes above. Or rent linens from Ciao Baby Equipment Rentals.


North on I-95 to Exit 7 in Maine marked “The Yorks.” Do not exit in New Hampshire (which also has an Exit 7).

Bear right at exit ramp, then left at first set of lights to US 1 North. Go approximately 1 mile to the very next light, take right on Old Post Road.

Follow Old Post Road for a little over a mile then take the first major left on to Ridge Road. If you go past a small mall you have gone too far.

Take Ridge Road to Beacon. Turn right on Beacon and continue until you reach the beach. This is Long Beach Ave. Turn left and follow Long Beach until you reach Broadway.

Turn right on Broadway. Follow Broadway for at least 1 mile. Continue on Broadway past Brown’s Ice Cream. Turn left on Cycad Ave.

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